X Ray Technician Jobs

By | March 28, 2014

X-Ray Machine Safety for the Medical Industry FactSheet HS05-035A (4-08) Operating and safety procedures for x-ray machines in Texas are outlined in the Texas Department of State

Technician is involved in various aspects from preparing the patient for radiological examinations to operating diagnostic equipment such as x-ray machines. Radiologist work in a variety of settings, 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality, pg. 155 Occupational Outlook Handbook,

X-ray and Micro-CT Technician COMPANY BACKGROUND North Star Imaging (NSI) is located in Rogers, Minnesota and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool

APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF : X-RAY TECHNICIAN / RADIOGRAPHER 1. Applicant's Name (in Block Letter) 2. Father's Name (in Block Letter) 3. Residential Address

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Radiography schools for x ray technician training in Texas. The state more than enough opportunity to find a job as an x ray tech in the Lone Star

Someone. If so, being an X-ray technician might be the job for you. The best thing about being. Sort of like your basic X-ray machine. They're pretty easy to use

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